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Retire Like No One Else™

Financial planning that helps you answer, “Will I have enough?” “Can I use my resources better?” and “Am I being a good steward?”

Our Focus - The Retirement Final Approach and LandingTM

If you are having heart issues, you want a cardiologist. Foot issues would lead to a podiatrist. We specialize in helping you on your Retirement Final Approach and LandingTM

The Retirement Final Approach and LandingTM Zone may look different for everyone but typically starts up to 10 years before retirement.

Don't let a lifetime of work, dedication, and saving be ruined by a bumpy landing!

As you approach and enter retirement, every decision is magnified as the stakes are higher, and mistakes have less time for recovery.

We're here to guide you through those all-important questions such as:

  • When should I retire?
  • What tax strategies should I be using leading up to and in retirement?
  • Should my investments change as for retirement?
  • What should I do with my work retirement plan or 401(k)?
  • How should I handle my pension, stock options, and deferred compensation?
  • How will I handle healthcare after retirement?
  • When should I start my Social Security, and should my spouse start it at the same time?
  • Will my Social Security be taxable?
  • How does this all affect Medicare?
  • What happens when the government says we HAVE to take out money from our IRAs? (often referred to as RMDs or Required Minimum Distributions)

And of course: what happens when the government changes the rules?



If you like what you've seen thus far or are simply curious, let's have a conversation. Our process starts with an introductory phone call to understand some of your needs and help you understand how we do things. Note that we don't have set minimums, although we often find our best fit to partner with us is often age 50+ with at least $500,000 of investments. We're happy to discuss with you whether or not you might be a good fit.

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